5 Corporate Gift Ideas for the Travel and Tourism Industry | Travelling and Hotels

What you hand out to vendors, clients, employees, and others you come strike up a business relationship with, does matter. If you hand out something they have no functional use for and do not want to use, then you are tossing your money in the trash. That is exactly what they are going to do with it: toss it in the trash. If you do not want to throw good money into the trash, consider some of these corporate gifts perfectly tailored to those in the travel and tourism industry.1. Fabric Shopping BagsThis is an eco-friendly gift that anyone working in a kitchen or restaurant will use. Even someone running a bed and breakfast or working in a hotel may make use of this. In fact, anyone who eats will at some point find a use for a fabric shopping bag. You can find these in attractive colors and patterns, such as colorful strips. Throw on your branding and location information and you have a corporate gift that will be used time and again.

2. PedometersHow many miles does a room service worker walk a day? How about a customer service agent or a bell hop? When you hand out pedometers, you will encourage employees and clients to put their activity level to the test and start thinking about their fitness. This is something many people are now purchasing in stores, so it will get some good use when you hand it out to clients and employees. This is also a corporate gift that makes a great giveaway or prize at company parties. You may even use it as a reward for friendly competitions held between employees or departments.3. Small Notepads with Cover and PenThis is such a simple corporate gift, but it is something that anyone in the tourism or travel industry can always use. How many times have you been away from your desk or on a phone call when you needed to write something down fast? Those are the instances when having something small with a pen attached is very convenient. Your clients and employees will always find a reason to whip this out and make a note.4. Wheel ClockThis is a unique corporate gift that you will not find selling through every gift retailer. You shouldn’t have to look too hard for it, but it isn’t the most common item available. That is a good thing, because it means everyone else in your industry is not purchasing them as well. When you do find them, these clocks are perfect for anyone involved with the travel or driving end of the industry. It will especially be appreciated by those who drive a truck, shuttle bus, or other vehicle for a living.

5. Passport HoldersThis is perfect for anyone in the travel industry! You spend so much of your time dealing with passports, whether it is checking them or helping someone find one that has been lost. This is a great corporate gift that can be handed to guests, employees, clients, or anyone else you come in contact with on a daily basis. It is also a very affordable corporate gift.You work in a very unique industry, so you should be handing out very unique corporate gifts. This list should give you some idea of what is out there for you.

Mainstays of India Travels and Tours – Simple Ways to Make Your Holiday Memorable | Travelling and Hotels

The very thought of holidays in India bring smiles and cheer to everyone’s faces. The indulgence, richness and extravagance of this country make it the ideal location for every kind of holiday. This is why India is prominently featured among honeymoon, family and adventure tours. India travels and tours have today elevated themselves to a complete holiday solution. Here are some of the must do’s and must have’s on India Tours.The most important thing to remember on your tour of India is that the country is vast and almost impossible to cover all at once. It is a very good idea to put together a tour of India which either focuses itself on a specific geographic area or a certain aspect of India. This will not only make your holiday more memorable, but also give you plenty more to take back with you. This is perhaps the best way to make the best use of your time and money.

When in India, do try and get a flavor of different aspects of the Indian experience. There is so much within India that you will never have a dull moment. The most interesting thing about Indian travels and tours is that you will enjoy a balanced mix of experiences which include old, ancient attractions and modern elements as well. Including some timeless treasures like temples and archaeological ruins and an energized night life and fun on the beach, the pace and tempo keeps changing with every location. Try and get some exposure to some contrasting elements to make your tour interesting.There is royalty in each part of India. In the state of Rajasthan the palaces and stately residences bring to life the grandeur of kings, while in the South the expansive dwellings of nobility are quiet and inspiring. The various states expose their native strengths and tastes. Although they may not seem very grand on the surface, you will find that an experience of these will leave you changed. Try and take a tour through some of the grandest palaces on your tours. If you can, book yourself into one of the palace hotels or resorts built on the lines of palaces. These will not only take you back in time, but bring you the best of royal life there is to experience.Make plenty of place and allowance for shopping when in India. India travels and tours offer you plenty of chances to shop for some great clothes, accessories, artifacts and gifts, no matter where you visit. it is good to know what the famous weaves and locally made handicrafts there are when you visit a certain place, and you can find some exquisite pieces at great bargains.

The foods of India have made it all over the world.Indian cuisine is varied in its taste and temperament, so give in to your taste buds and savor the local fares without any inhibitions.Generally found to be fairly indulgent, Indian food has some great courses and succulent desserts. You will find so many delicious offerings that it is difficult to pick a favorite. There is not much deliberation required when you travel in India. just go anywhere with the intent of having fun, and you can never be let down.